Marvs Helpful Hints


If you are new to Goldenagers Chat Network, welcome. This may
be of help to you. This site works best for me in "no frames"
and I hit update every 20 to 30 seconds. New posts will have
NEW to the left of names. Ok? Now look at the center. See
the thing called "entire room"? Click on any name there and
you can send that person a 1 on 1 private message, which
only you and they will see. Then return the active to
"entire room". The person you send this 1 on 1 to doesn't
have to be in your room. But any room they are in on this
site they will see it. The writing will be in red.

Want to know who you are with in this room? Go to "Whos in
this room" at the right. You will see names of all, but if
you want to send one of them a red 1 on 1 you have to find
their name back in the "entire room" list in the middle.

To go to another public room, find it on the right, select
it and click "go there". Want to make your own private
room? To do this write the name of your room in the box
under Private rooms, then click go there. Note: It's
best to keep the room name short and simple, because it
is case sensitive. i.e. If you make a room called
"MyRoom" and invite someone to meet you and they type
"my room" they will be in a different place than you.


On the sign in page at Goldenagers Chat Network, after you have
put name and password and before you enter chat, at the
right is profile. Click on that. There you can put in
name, sex, gender, email, webpage, location, picture and birthdate.
This information will be with you each time you sign
in until you change it.


Want to know where the people are? Click on the thing at
upper right that says "where are people". It will show
where each person who is logged on i.e., the room they
are in. You can click the room to join them.


To use the images in your chat click on images, select
the one you want. Its name should show in the little box.
Now put your curser in the write box and make your
statement and send.


When you see a post with blue writing at the bottom it
could be a number of things, but is always a link to
go someplace off site. Remember this: When you click
it this is what happens.
1. A new or secondary browser is automatically opened
and you are seeing it.
2. Your primary browser has become an icon at bottom,
on your task bar. (your chat room is there)

Now for how to do this:
a. If you click the blue and see a picture load and
want to get back to chat you can click the X in upper
right hand corner and do it or go to file and select
close. (I like the X best)

b. If you click the blue and are taken to a homepage,
when it loads, select bookmarks/add bookmarks, so
you can go back later, then do the X or file/close
and you are back in chat with option of viewing that
page later, from your bookmark.


Ok class, listen up! You need to know how to use the
ignore feature here. If someone bothers you in public
or in privates, just go to his or her name, then
click ignore. You won't see what this person says
anymore. (for this session only)
When I find it necessary to put someone on ignore,
I post in public that I am doing so and why. This
way the entire room may do likewise. The culprit
will usually leave at this time. Sorry if you have
to ever do this, but some folks really need to be ignored.


Hey guys and gals, see those neat blueline saying out
beside some names? Want to do your own? This is how.
When you log in, at the place to put e-mail address,
just write what you want to say as long as you use the
@ sign followed by a . (dot), and it will be there. i.e.
If I write: It's a Rainy Day in, that
is what you would see. Or it could be written this way.
It's@Rainy.Day.In.Texas sameo-sameo. Try it.


Listen to music while you chat. Loree, SusieQ and myself
and others often put music on for you. To get the best
of this do the following: Click our blueline in our
posts, you will open a second browser and music will
load, your chat room browser is now on the task bar.
Click it an you will be back in chat with the music
playing. When music stops, click the other browser
on task bar and then the X at top right. Wait for
the next song while you chat, then you can do it again.


The only proper way to leave this chat site is to click
the leave button. If you leave via a bookmark or if you
get booted out your name will remain showing as if you
were still here. Some may think you are ignoring them.


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