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Different makes/brands of scanners have different controlling
software, however; the basic procedure for scanning with
different brands will be similar. They may call things by
different names/words. i.e. mine uses the word "acquire"
where another uses "obtain".

My scanner is a "Mustek MSF 6000CX Long Flatbed". The software
it uses for pictures is called "Microfrafx Picture Publisher LE".
For documents it uses "Word Linx", but I have not learned to
do documents.

Most people new to scanning make the mistake of doing the
pictures entirely too big. They may be so big as to have
scroll bars on bottom and on the sides. And may have so many
KBytes that they take forever to send over email. Although
the higher dots per inch (dpi), the better the quality of the
picture it also is true that the more dpi the more Kbytes.
We try to keep the Kbytes on the low end by lowering the dpi
"scaling" to the low end. This makes the picture in the
neighborhood of 80 to 300 Kbytes. Don't get excited now.
This will be compressed when saved. i.e. 167Kbytes will
become 7Kbytes and 300Kbytes will compress to about 15Kbytes.

Below will be an actual walk thru of a scan of a picture as
I now do it. Your scanner may call things by other names
and may not have exact features as mine, but will be similar.

Now your homework assignment is go practice with your scanner. *S*