Marvs Helpful Hints

Print Selected Items

When you are within a page such as this and only want
to print a portion of it, or selected item from
newspapers or even e-mail you can use the above
copy/paste methods. I will give you two easy ways here.

1. In Windows 95/98, go to Start, Programs, Accessories,
Notepad. Now minimize notepad and it should be an icon
on your taskbar saying untitled notepad. Now highlight
what you want, select copy, click the untitled icon
and get your curser there and select paste. What you
were copying from should now be an icon on task bar so
if there is more you want from that source click the
icon and repeat above steps until you have all you
wanted. Now in notepad you need to save what you just
did, so go to File in notepad, select save as and give
it a name. You might call it "things to print". Now
any time you want to you can open this notepad folder
and select file, print. (I suggest after you have
printed what you want that you highlight all the text,
right click and select delete). Now your print folder
is empty and ready for your next job.

2. You can also address e-mail to yourself and use the
same copy/paste methods to put what you want printed
there and mail to yourself.


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