Marvs Helpful Hints

Using Notepad

You will need to make documents in Notepad to save things in
once you have learned to copy/paste. First go to Start,
Programs, Accessories, Notepad. Click on Notepad and you
will have a blank document come up labeled Untitled. You
will have a blinking curser at the top left of your document.
This is where you will paste. If you already have info
in your mouse that you have copied then go to edit and
click on paste and it will be in your document. When you
close your document you will be asked if you want to save
it. Give it a name, such as URLs, Chat, HTML classes,
midis ect. When you want it again it will be listed by the
name you gave it in Documents. Confusing? Well not
for long. Practice, practice, practice!! You know
the old saying, practice makes perfect. Go to Start,
Programs, Accessories and Notepad now. Copy this and
paste there. Close and name it. Practice, then go
to file Documents, My Documents, it's mame and look at it.
You can then delete the entire document if you wish.

For my songs I have them all listed in a document named
Marvs MIDIS. I bring this document up from Documents
and minimize it. When I play a song I maximize it,
pick song, highlight it, copy and paste to the room,
then click the URL, then the chat icon.
Remember, practice, practice, practice!!

These instructions are for Windows98. If you are
using Windows95, open Notepad, go to File and click
open. Your list of documents will be there. Just
click on the one you want and click open.

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