Marvs Helpful Hints


One of the most useful features available to computer users
is the ability to copy any text and paste it to any other
place that will accept text. To copy hold down left mouse
button and move curser over all text you want so that it is
highlighted. (If you want an entire paragraph or page just
start at the left bottom and push up), (if you want a
portion, start at the right of what you want and move to
the left until what you want is highlighted). Now that it
is highlighted there are two ways to copy: 1. Go to Edit
at top of page and select copy. (Careful, avoid selecting
cut). 2. Or right click and select copy. At this point you have
it copied. I call this stage as having it in my mouse. ;-)
Now find the place you want to put what you have copied,
place your curser there and then either go to Edit and select
paste or right click and select paste. You have done it. *G*
Remember what you have copied remains in your mouse until
you copy something else or until computer is rebooted.

Uses for copy/paste

People new to computing may ask what they can do with copy/paste.
Below are a few ways I use it.

1. Wherever I may be, if I see text I want to get for some
reason, I will copy it, then open the file I want to put it in
and paste in there. If I am in a big rush and don't have
time to make or find the folder I want it in I just open
my e-mail, select my name and paste in e-mail and send. Later
I can again copy from e-mail and put it another place.

2. To avoid any more clutter in my bookmarks I now have a
folder called URL's where I have many listed with description
of what each is. I can go to my URL folder, select the URL
I want, highlight and copy it, then highlight and remove
destination address in my browser (by hitting backspace).
Then paste my URL there and hit enter and go to the address.

3. You can copy things and paste into chat also. I have
another folder in notepad I call chat music. I open this
and select the song URL and copy it and paste into chat which
shows the URL for the song in blue and then the chatters
can listen as they chat. You can also place picture
URL's in chat this way as well as web pages.

Each person will find their own uses for this.
Happy copy/pasting.


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