Marvs Helpful Hints


Okay, class let's learn to do bookmarks today.
These instructions are for Netscape. When you go
to a place that you want to visit later, click
on bookmarks, go to add bookmarks. This should do it,
but maybe not like you want it. You want to change it?
Now go to edit bookmarks. The URL you just added should be at
the bottom of your bookmarks. The URL you just added should be
at the bottom. Click on it once to highlight, then go to
edit in this window, pull down to properties and click.
This will open a window with what you just bookmarked
in it and highlighted. You can either take that out
and change its name or add to what is there, then
click ok. Got it so far? Now why not organize your
bookmarks so as to put them in catagories, huh?
To do this you need to make folders and maybe subfolders
in your bookmarks. I have folders named such as CARD
these I have subfolders. i.e. In CHAT there is a
folder named Barbs Chat and one named Marvs Chat.
Open either and you find our chat sites. Then pick
the one to go to.

Well, how do you make a folder? Do this! While you are in
more bookmarks (which I call the backside, since that is
where you can work on them) highlight one of your bookmarks
such as Chat, then go to File and down to New Folder, and
and click. Remove the words New Folder and call it, CHAT, ok?

To make a sub-folder do the same as for making folders, except
you are going to put it under CHAT. Now you have folders and
sub-folders, but nothing in them. Right? Let's put something
in them. Go to bookmarks and then to more bookmarks. Now
suppose you have a folder named CHAT and a sub-folder named
MY CHAT and you want to put Senior Chat Network sign in page
in MY CHAT. Find Senior Chat Network sign in page bookmark,
highlight it and left click and hold. While holding, drag
it to MY CHAT, then let go. It is there. Same applies
to any bookmark to move to any folder.


Okay, in Internet Explorer what you might call bookmarks are
called Favorites. When you click on Add to Favorites a window
opens. If you don't have a folder for the type of site you
want to add, click on New Folder. Another window opens for you
to give it a name. Then click OK. Then when the next window
appears you will click create in and in the next window that
appears you click once on the folder you just made and then OK.
Your new Favorite will be in its folder. It will get easier

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